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Panzer Glass-Teknolojik Cam Sanayi A.S is a glass processing company based in Turkey. Our mother company Sullu Cam is a glass exporter company for many decades, in 2004 our processing plant was established in Duzce, Turkey. We are dedicated to differentiate us by producing tailor-fit solutions in shortest durations with required quality. Our plant of 18.000 m2 indoor area is equipped with latest technology machinery as given below: Automatic float cut line Tempering line Laminating line Autoclav line Double glazing line Edge and surface processing lines Cnc Double-edge Vertical grinding line Vertical glass arrising and washing line Bevelling line Panzer Glass is a authorized manufacturer of Sisecam and Guardian. Besides quality certifications as given below, to sustain our quality each of the line are controlled by minimum two QC staff: • ISO 9001 • ISO 14001 • ISO 18001 • Temper EN 12150 • CE • Accrediation for Sisecam Cool Plus T glasses • Processing certificate of Guardian Sunguard 70/41-70/37-62/34-60/40-51/28-40/23-29/18 full and semi tempered glasses. We work for completing projects that we have undertaken on time according to the requirements set out at the beginning by using every kind of technology under today’s circumstances with the awareness that we have gained in the sector. Panzer Glass/Teknolojik Glass Industry & Trade Corporation makes the principle of “the right product at the right time” its target with its expert engineer staff, managers and employees for satisfying customers through the policy of high quality service at a reasonable price.
Grupcam has established as a double glazing producer in 1993 with a yearly production capacity of 120.000 m2 insulating glass. Thanks to a series of technological improvements, within a short period of time the production capacity has been increased to 200.000 m2/year. In 2015, our new facility investment with 5.300 m2 production area in Anadolu Industrial Zone has been completed and operations have started in our new factory building in July 2015 with an increased production capacity, extended product range and higher technology. Over 20 years, with a brandname identified with quality in the market, our company supplies a wide range of local and international customers, especially PVC window producers. As well as the exports made to France for years, numerous residence and hotel projects have been completed abroad such as Kazakstan, Georgia, Niger, etc. With the new technology and equipment investments in 2015, our company has targeted supplying aluminum facade and parapet systems and shortly got space in this market too. Being a franchisee of Sisecam since 1993, Grupcam produces with the brand name of ISICAM SYSTEMS® as an Isicam Authorized Producer through the supervision of Sisecam Duzcam (Float Glass). So, all of the products are under the warranty of Sisecam for 10 years. Grupcam products also have the necessary CE certification and the production process has ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certifications. Our mission is to supply any kind of architectural glass with a high product and service quality to local and international markets while aiming continuous improvement, sustainable development and a maximum level of customer happiness and employee satisfaction